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Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook Time Tracking

Time tracking projects, helps management and employees to a very large extent. It helps business organizations lower their costs by reducing the number of errors made in payroll processing, identifying where costs can be reduced and also by completely automating the billing process. Further, there is also a reduction in the errors made in billing clients for all the hours spent on a project by a team. Employees benefit from improved payroll processing and ensuring that they are paid correctly for all the hours that they have worked on a project.

Outlook Time Tracking

Outlook Time Tracking

Nevertheless, time tracking is not without its disadvantages. Many employees are so caught up in the work in they are doing or are so busy working on multiple projects at the same time, that they make errors in entering the time spent on each project. This not only results in loss of revenue to the company and loss of income for the employee but also conveys a wrong impression of the amount of time required to complete a certain project.

TimeSheet Reporter allows for convenient Outlook time tracking, ensuring that all the hours spent on projects, both customer related as well as internal, are reported correctly. As you can see, this facilitates time and resource management in more ways than one.

  • Outlook time tracking makes it easy for employees to use a familiar interface to keep track of the time they are spending on any project. They can simply use the appointment feature of Outlook calendar to enter the time and the TimeSheet Reporter features to add extra information to it such as the specific project the appointment is associated with, the activity involved and other details that the employee feels necessary.
  • Outlook time tracking using TimeSheet Reporter makes it easy for the employee to provide the information necessary to the approver about why a project or an appointment took that many hours or was conducted in the way it was.
  • Rather than having to train employees for new timesheet software, TimeSheet Reporter allows customers to use the Outlook calendar, one of the most popular calendar software in business organizations today. A user can get started on Outlook time tracking using TimeSheet Reporter almost immediately.
  • Administrators are also able to get a quick overview of the time spend by various employees through the Outlook time tracking feature. Using the administrative module, supervisors can quickly review the timesheets submitted and either approve or disapprove the time entries.
  • Many business organizations are looking at employing timesheet software that will help them use their resources in the best way possible. However, very often, employees end up spending more time in recording their times for multiple projects in various formats in such software. TimeSheet Reporter, by allowing Outlook time tracking, provides a single interface through which employees can record the time they work on various projects.

TimeSheet Reporter, through its unique Outlook time tracking feature is thus proving to be a wonderful productivity tool for business organizations and employees alike


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